8 Nov

In our house spicy food is a must. No matter how simple or classic the dish, we like it hot. This spicy chicken fried rice is my go to lazy meal. When I’ve spent the day running around with the kids and lost track of time, this dish is my saving grace.

Its super simple, not so traditional but full of flavour.

Serves 6 approx.

Preparation : 10 mins approx..

Cooking time:20 Mins approx. Continue reading “Spicy Chicken Fried Rice.”

29 Oct

“This is a super quick and easy vegan curry fried rice recipe that you can make any time you want something tasty that is really good for you too!

Eat as a meal itself, or you can use it as a side dish, or even as a rice salad at party etc. Best of all, kids love this too and it is very easy to change the spices and ingredients around to vary it up a bit 🙂

This recipe has no added oil or fat and is 100% plant based vegan!”