5 Dec

Cake pops, marshmallow pops, oreo pops, seems like there is a pop for every treat. They are at every kids party, wedding and celebration these days.

These are sheer fun for kids, something to keep them busy over the holidays. These marshmallow pops are inexpensive and require very little supervision, let their imaginations run free with variations of these cute pops.

13 Oct

With Halloween approaching it’s time to get creative with party food. These spooky rice krispie treats are the perfect place to begin. They are fun for the whole family and make great party favours. Once you master this you will be able to use the basic recipe to create new characters and let your imagination run wild.

8 Oct

With the festive season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to stock up on things to keep the kids entertained. These Christmas tree rice crispy treats are a fun and yummy way to do so. Cute and colorful, you can’t help but get a little competitive making these.

They make a great affordable DIY gift for Christmas and also work as a fun center piece.

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